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Therm to Calorie Conversion

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1 Therm (thm)


25199579.63131 Calorie (cal)

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Therm : The therm is a non-SI unit of heat energy equal to 1000,000 British thermal units (BTU). It is commonly used in measuring the natural gas in United Kingdom. One therm is equal to 1.055 056 × 108 joules.

Calorie : The calorie is a pre-SI metric unit of energy. Its symbol is cal, and first defined as a unit of heat by Nicolas Clément in 1824. The calorie is commonly used in the field of chemistry, and in many countries it is commonly used as a unit of food energy. There are two defined for the calorie, gram calorie (approximately equals 4.2 joules) and kilogram calorie (approximately equals 4.2 kilojoules).

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