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MBTU to Therm Conversion

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1 MBTU (mbtu)


0.01 Therm (thm)

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MBTU : The unit MBtu is a measure unit of energy, defined as one thousand the British thermal unit (symbol: Btu). The "M" stands for one thousand, distinguishing with the SI mega (M) prefix, which stands for one million. In order to avoid confusion, many companies and engineers use MMBtu to represent one million Btu.

Therm : The therm is a non-SI unit of heat energy equal to 1000,000 British thermal units (BTU). It is commonly used in measuring the natural gas in United Kingdom. One therm is equal to 1.055 056 × 108 joules.

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1 MBTU = 0.01 Therm

FAQ about MBTU to Therm Conversion

1 mbtu (mbtu) is equal to 0.01 therm (thm).

1mbtu = 0.01thm

The Energy E in therm (thm) is equal to the Energy E in mbtu (mbtu) times 0.01, that conversion formula:

E(thm) = E(mbtu) × 0.01

One MBTU is equal to 0.01 Therm:

1mbtu = 1mbtu × 0.01 = 0.01thm

One Therm is equal to 100 MBTU:

1thm = 1thm × 100 = 100mbtu

E(thm) = 5(mbtu) × 0.01 = 0.05thm

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