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Electron Volt : Electron volt (also written electronvolt) is a measurement unit of energy equal to 1.602176565(35)×10−19 J. It is defined as the amount of energy gained ( or lost) by the charge of a single electron moved across an electric potential difference of one volt. The electron volt is not SI unit, but commonly used in atomic and unclear physics, also commonly used with the SI prefixes milli-, kilo-, mega-, etc.

Joule : Joule is a derived unit of energy, work, or amount of heat in the international system of units. Its symbol is J. In the energy unit system, it is equal to the energy expended in applying a force of one newton through a distance of one meter. The unit name “joule” is in honor of the English physicist James Prescott Joule.

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1 Electron Volt = 0 Joule

FAQ about Electron Volt to Joule Conversion

1 electron volt (El V) is equal to 1/6241807627000000000 joule (J).

1El V = 1/6241807627000000000J

The Energy E in joule (J) is equal to the Energy E in electron volt (El V) divided by 6241807627000000000, that conversion formula:

E(J) = E(El V) / 6241807627000000000

1000000 Electron Volt is equal to 0 Joule:

1000000El V = 1000000El V / 6241807627000000000 = 0J

One Joule is equal to 6.241807627E+18 Electron Volt:

1J = 1J × 6.241807627E+18 = 6.241807627E+18El V

E(J) = 5000000(El V) / 6241807627000000000 = 0J

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