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Radian/Second to Degree/Second Conversion - Convert Radian/Second to Degree/Second (rad/s to °/s)

Radian/Second to Degree/Second Conversion

Radian/Second to Degree/Second - Velocity - Angular - Conversion

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1 Radian/Second (rad/s)


57.29578 Degree/Second (°/s)

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Radian/Second : The radian per second is the SI unit of angular velocity (rotational speed), commonly denoted by the greek letter ω (omega). It is defined as the change in the orientation of an object, in radians, every second. Its symbols are rad/s and rad•s-1. One of the important uses of the unit radian per second is in calculation of the power transmitted by a shaft. In the International System, it is widely used in physics and engineering.

Degree/Second : The degree per second is a metric unit of angular velocity (rotational speed). It also is a unit of angular frequency. It symbols are degree•s⁻¹ and degree/s. One degree per second is equal to 0.01745329251994 radian/second.

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1 Radian/Second = 57.29578 Degree/Second

How to convert Radian/Second to Degree/Second ?

1 radian/second (rad/s) is equal to 57.29578 degree/second (°/s).

1rad/s = 57.29578°/s

The Angular velocity ω in degree/second (°/s) is equal to the Angular velocity ω in radian/second (rad/s) times 57.29578, that conversion formula:

ω(°/s) = ω(rad/s) × 57.29578

How many Degree/Second in a Radian/Second?

One Radian/Second is equal to 57.29578 Degree/Second:

1rad/s = 1rad/s × 57.29578 = 57.29578°/s

How many Radian/Second in a Degree/Second?

One Degree/Second is equal to 0.01745 Radian/Second:

1°/s = 1°/s × 0.01745 = 0.01745rad/s

How to Convert 5 Radian/Second to Degree/Second?

ω(°/s) = 5(rad/s) × 57.29578 = 286.4789°/s

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