kcal/h∙ft² to kW/m² Conversion

6279 kcal/h∙ft² to kW/m² Conversion - Convert 6279 kcal/h∙ft² to kW/m² (kcal/h∙ft² to kW/m²)

6279 kcal/h∙ft² to kW/m² Conversion

kcal/h∙ft² to kW/m² - Heat Flux Density - Conversion
You are currently converting Heat Flux Density units from Kilocalorie/Hour Square Foot to Kilowatt/Square Meter

6279 Kilocalorie/Hour Square Foot (kcal/h∙ft²)


78.60321 Kilowatt/Square Meter (kW/m²)

Kilocalorie/Hour Square Foot : The kilocalorie per hour per square foot is a metric unit of heat flux density which is a US Customary and British Imperial unit. Its symbol is kcal/h•ft².

Kilowatt/Square Meter : The kilowatt per square meter is a unit of heat flux density, which is a decimal multiple of the derived unit of watt per square meter. Its symbol is kW/m². One kilowatt per square meter is equal to 1000 watt/meter².

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