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1 Gigawatt (GW)


1000000000 Watt (W)

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Gigawatt : The gigawatt is a unit of power which is a multiple of the unit watt. It is equal to one billion watts, or 106 kilowatt. The unit symbol for gigawatt is GW; it is often used for large power plants or power grids.

Watt : The watt is a unit for power, is one of SI Units. Its name is in honor of the Scottish engineer James Watt, the eighteenth-century developer of the steam engine. The unit symbol for watt is W, defined as one joule per second, measures the rate of energy conversion or transfer.

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1 Gigawatt = 1000000000 Watt

FAQ about Gigawatt to Watt Conversion

1 gigawatt (GW) is equal to 1000000000 watt (W).

1GW = 1000000000W

The power P in watt (W) is equal to the power P in gigawatt (GW) times 1000000000, that conversion formula:

P(W) = P(GW) × 1000000000

One Gigawatt is equal to 1000000000 Watt:

1GW = 1GW × 1000000000 = 1000000000W

1000 Watt is equal to 0 Gigawatt:

1000W = 1000W / 1000000000 = 0GW

P(W) = 5(GW) × 1000000000 = 5000000000W

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