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1 Day (d)


0.14286 Week (w)

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Day : A day (symbol: d) is a unit of time which is equal to 24 hours or 86,400 seconds. It is not a SI unit, but it is accepted for use with SI. Apart from the day of 86,400 seconds, the unit day is also used for several different spans of time which are based on the rotation of the Earth around its axis.

Week : A week is a measurement unit of time which is usually equal to seven days. It is thought as the standard time period commonly used for cycles of work days and rest days in most parts of the world.

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1 Day = 0.14286 Week

How to convert Day to Week ?

1 day (d) is equal to 0.14286 week (w).

1d = 0.14286w

The time t in week (w) is equal to the time t in day (d) times 0.14286, that conversion formula:

t(w) = t(d) × 0.14286

How many Week in a Day?

One Day is equal to 0.14286 Week:

1d = 1d × 0.14286 = 0.14286w

How many Day in a Week?

One Week is equal to 7 Day:

1w = 1w × 7 = 7d

How to Convert 5 Day to Week?

t(w) = 5(d) × 0.14286 = 0.7143w

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