Watt/Meter-K to cal/s∙cm∙°C Conversion

Watt/Meter-K to Calorie/Second-Centimeter-°C Conversion - Convert Watt/Meter-K to Calorie/Second-Centimeter-°C (W/m∙K to cal/s∙cm∙°C)

Watt/Meter-K to cal/s∙cm∙°C Conversion

Watt/Meter-K to cal/s∙cm∙°C - Thermal Conductivity - Conversion

You are currently converting Thermal Conductivity units from Watt/Meter-K to Calorie/Second-Centimeter-°C

1 Watt/Meter-K (W/m∙K)


0.00239 Calorie/Second-Centimeter-°C (cal/s∙cm∙°C)

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Watt/Meter-K : The watt per meter per kelvin is a derived SI unit of thermal conductivity. Its symbol are W/m•K and W•m⁻¹•K⁻¹.

Calorie/Second-Centimeter-°C : The calorie per second per centimeter per degree Celsius is a decimal unit of thermal conductivity. Its symbol is cal•s⁻¹•cm⁻¹•°С⁻¹. One cal•s⁻¹•cm⁻¹•°С⁻¹ is equal to 418.6800000009 W•m⁻¹•K⁻¹.

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1 Watt/Meter-K = 0.00239 Calorie/Second-Centimeter-°C

FAQ about Watt/Meter-K to cal/s∙cm∙°C Conversion

1 watt/meter-k (W/m∙K) is equal to 0.00239 calorie/second-centimeter-°c (cal/s∙cm∙°C).

1W/m∙K = 0.00239cal/s∙cm∙°C

The thermal conductivity q in calorie/second-centimeter-°c (cal/s∙cm∙°C) is equal to the thermal conductivity q in watt/meter-k (W/m∙K) times 0.00239, that conversion formula:

q(cal/s∙cm∙°C) = q(W/m∙K) × 0.00239

One Watt/Meter-K is equal to 0.00239 Calorie/Second-Centimeter-°C:

1W/m∙K = 1W/m∙K × 0.00239 = 0.00239cal/s∙cm∙°C

One Calorie/Second-Centimeter-°C is equal to 418.4 Watt/Meter-K:

1cal/s∙cm∙°C = 1cal/s∙cm∙°C × 418.4 = 418.4W/m∙K

q(cal/s∙cm∙°C) = 5(W/m∙K) × 0.00239 = 0.01195cal/s∙cm∙°C

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