l/l/°F to l/l/°Ra Conversion

100 l/l/°F to l/l/°Ra Conversion - Convert 100 l/l/°F to l/l/°Ra (l/l/°F to l/l/°Ra)

You are currently converting Thermal Expansion units from Length/Length/Fahrenheit to Length/Length/Rankine

100 Length/Length/Fahrenheit (l/l/°F)


100 Length/Length/Rankine (l/l/°Ra)

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Length/Length/Fahrenheit : The reciprocal degree Fahrenheit is a unit of the coefficient of thermal expansion in the US Customary Units. Its symbol are 1/°F and °F⁻¹.

Length/Length/Rankine : The reciprocal degree Rankine is a unit of the coefficient of thermal expansion. Its symbol are 1/°Ra and °Ra⁻¹.

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