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8.08 gal/100mi to Mile (US) Pre Liter Conversion - Convert 8.08 gal/100mi to Mile (US) Pre Liter (gal/100mi to mil/L)

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8.08 Gallons (US) Pre 100mi (gal/100mi)


3.26946 Mile (US) Pre Liter (mil/L)

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Gallons (US) Pre 100mi : The gallon (abbreviation "gal" ) is a measure unit of liquid capacity in both the US customary and the British imperial systems of measurement. A US gallon is approximately equal to 3.79 liter. The US gallon per 100 mi defines the amount of fuel a vehicle used for traveling one hundred miles.

Mile (US) Pre Liter : A Mile (US) per Liter (mi/L) is a unit of measurement for fuel economy in the U.S. customary system. It is defined as the amount of US miles a vehicle travelled using a liter of fuel. A mile per liter is equal to 1609.344 m/L.

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